We’re always looking for sponsors to help build community at Carrier Park; contributions of any scope are appreciated.

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Yes! I want to become a part of building community at Willis Carrier Park, home of the Syracuse Challenger Baseball program.

Help us build community now!

Multi-Sports Turf Field $250,000
Baseball Field Name $100,000
Turf Baseball Field $100,000
Scoreboard $35,000 each
Food Court Area $30,000
Message Board $20,000
Concession Food Patio $10,000 each
Dugouts $5,000 each
Bleachers $4,000 each
Field Signs $3,500 each
Hanging Banners $2,000
Benches $500 each
Walkway Brick $200 and $100 each

For more information about the sponsor opportunities above, for you, your family or your business, please contact us at: